EVOLUXER, is a Spanish consulting firm specialised in the management and implementation of EU funded Projects worldwide. EVOLUXER has a highly specialised staff in the implementation of programmes and projects according to PRAG rules.

The company serves public management and public administrations in their adaptation to the European Integration process, organise seminars and consultancy work for countries to support them in their preparations for accession to the European Union and on approximation between the national legislation.

EVOLUXER staff has also extensive experience in Public Administration in Spain and in Brussels and are highly specialised in the management of projects for trade, law harmonisation, training and capacity building of public institutions.

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PMC is a Romanian consultancy and professional services company having extensive experience in multinational environments. Since 2011 PMC experts were involved in building and managing international organisations in SEE and CEE as well as in Turkey and GCC countries. The main partners of PMC holds relevant and recognised qualifications and certifications in areas such as business administration, psychology, human capital management, information technology, security and governance, security and public safety.

Since 2011, PMC partners and experts were involved in multiple Technical Assistance and Capacity Building EU-funded projects in various countries. The involvement of PMC experts was at the level of superior management (members of the Consortium Management Board), at the level of project management and at the level of experts and backstopping teams. The projects were successfully carried out in Romania, Turkey, Serbia,  Republic of North Macedonia, Croatia, Zambia, Armenia but also for important agencies of the European Commission.

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Innoseven Technologies provides a wide range of services related to Command and Control and Call/Contact centers starting from feasibility studies, design and the solutions of the centers, organisational matters of such centers backing it up with the preparation of detailed technical, functional requirements and specifications.

Specialists of Innoseven Technologies gained huge experience in building IT solutions for Call/Contact and Emergency Response Centres and have been participating in the implementation of 112 system in Lithuania since 2003. Innoseven Technologies has became an Advisory Board member of EENA in 2010.

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Through its five divisions ILUNION is present in the most competitive of business sectors. ILUNION is a pioneering and benchmark company in contact centres, facility services, hotels, social and health services, industrial services, consultancy and a host of others.

Our five divisions cover over 50 lines of business, all with the clear goal in mind of offering increasingly more comprehensive services for our clients to position us as a global, responsible and quality provider.

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Florin Hoinarescu

Team Leader and KE1

Corneliu Grigore

KE2: Process designer of the public safety

Rokas Kvedaras

KE3: Information, Security and Risk Technology Expert

Ivana Rankovic

KE4: Pubic Relations&Awareness Expert